Broadway Licensing Send a Leader Diversity Grants

Broadway Licensing Send a Leader Diversity Grants are awarded to student Thespians with experience in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities, with preference given to students traditionally underrepresented in student leadership. Grants cover registration fees for the current year’s Virtual International Thespian Festival (ITF) and the Student Leadership Program.

Eligibility requirements to apply for a Send a Leader Diversity Grant:
• Must be an inducted Thespian
• Currently a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school, in good academic standing
• Must participate in Virtual ITF and all workshops of the Student Leadership Program
• Has completed and submitted a Send a Leader Diversity Grant application
• Letter of recommendation from your troupe director

Broadway Licensing & Playscripts
Supplemental Questions
  1. What specific experience(s) and/or leadership efforts have you had that showcase your awareness and commitment to diversity?
  2. What does this scholarship mean to you personally?