The International Thespian Society Honorary Thespian of the Year Award

Nominate a Volunteer for Educational Theatre Association’s Honorary Thespian of the Year Award.

The Honorary Thespian of the Year Award recognizes up to three individuals annually who have gone above and beyond the standard duties of a volunteer. This award honors those adults who have selflessly given their time and ability to help a Thespian or Junior Thespian troupe with set construction, chaperoning, fundraising, advocacy, etc. 

A troupe director or state chapter director may nominate any adult that has been officially inducted as an Honorary Thespian into an active ITS troupe. Once an individual has been selected for this award, he or she cannot be considered for the award again until after a period of five years.

Each recipient of the Honorary Thespian of the Year Award will receive:

  • an award to be presented on the main stage at the Thespian Festival,
  • complimentary troupe renewal dues for the recipient’s troupe for the following school year,
  • and a press release sent to the recipient’s local paper.

Honorary Thespian of the Year Award nominees not selected will receive a letter of thanks. 

Nominations must be received by the February 1 deadline. 

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