Send A Troupe to Thespian Festival Grant

The Send a Troupe to International Thespian Festival Grant was created with donations from many generous supporters of the Educational Theatre Association. Every summer, more than 4,000 students travel from all over the country, and even overseas, to attend the International Thespian Festival (ITF), a week of creative exploration hosted by the Educational Theatre Association. ITF connects delegates to main stage performances, colleges and scholarships, and a wealth of workshops for learning and growth.

Up to two current Thespian troupes will receive a one-time grant of up to $10,000 to be used towards basic International Thespian Festival registration fees for a teacher, inducted Thespians, and appropriate number of chaperones. This grant may also be used to help offset the cost of travel to and from Indiana University Bloomington.

The competition and review process for the Send a Troupe grant is rigorous and the judging committee may choose not to award this grant if there are no deserving applicants.

Grant eligibility criteria
• At the time of application, the Thespian troupe must be current in their troupe dues and “in good standing.”
• All troupes applying cannot have attended the International Thespian Festival in the past.
• All troupes applying must be able to demonstrate financial barriers to attending the International Thespian Festival.
• All students listed on the application must be inducted Thespians prior to April 1.
• Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
• Applications must be filled out by a Thespian Troupe Director or School Administrator.

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Application must be received by February 1 deadline. 

The Educational Theatre Association
Up to 10,000
Supplemental Questions
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  2. Troupe Number
  3. Thespian Troupe Director Name
  4. Thespian Troupe Director Email
  5. Troupe Director Phone Number
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